Oserød Hageby
Nøtterøy, Vestfold

The Oserød Hageby project consists of semi-detached houses, ranging from 102 sqm to 113 sqm, as well as 4 detached apartments of 90 sqm. All units have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a garage and car parking.
Pors Hageby
Porsgrunn, Telemark

Pors Hageby is situated next to Pors Stadium, and will consist of 46 new apartments. Graf Entreprenør is the contractor responsible for the project development.
Nabolaget («The neighborhood»)
Porsgrunn, Telemark

The Neighbourhood consists of 14 apartments at Hovet in Porsgrunn. The buildings were completed in november 2016, and the way of living in the The Neighbourhood was described as a subsequently mentioned success.
Kjærlighetsstien («The love path»)
Langesund, Telemark

We developed and built 8 apartments in Kjærlighetsstien, in Bamble.
Bø, Telemark

At Nordbøåsen 18 apartments are built in various sizes. Graf Entreprenør has been responsible for the whole prosess.
Skien, Telemark

In Limihagen in Skien, Graf Entreprenør has illustrated and developed 48 apartments. The first constrution phase was completed in the spring of 2019.
Haukeli, Telemark

For Haukelifjell Skisenter AS we built a new apartment housing for rent. The building consists of 4 floors, and was erected on top of an existing tunnel.
Bø, Telemark

This project consists of 24 apartments, centrally located in Bø. Grivitunet was implemented in 2015-2016.
Tønsberg, Vestfold

At Bliksekilen in Tønsberg, Graf Entreprenør has developed and completed 2 construction phases consisting of detached and semi-detached housing.
Bamble, Telemark

8 apartments were built for Stathelle Utvikling AS.
Porsgrunn, Telemark

14 apartments were built for Heistad Utbygging AS.