Our History
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Our History

Graf Entreprenør AS was established in 2013, and has since then experienced considerable growth. The company represents a wide range of knowhow within construction in development class 1 and 2.

Graf Entreprenør AS employs a staff of engineers, project managers and construction site managers and is a solid and safe supplier of contracting in the BEA sector in the South East part of Norway. With offices in Bamble and Horten, the company of 25 man-years provides separate departments for timber- and concrete contracts.


2013 - 2 Employees

2014 - 4 Employees

2016 - 6 Employees

2017 - 20 Employees

2019 - 25 Employees


Ole B. Solberg and Stian Numme
Holtan Utvikling
Art Group


2013 – 1.258.000,-
2014 – 7.419.000,-
2015 – 30.084.000,-
2016 – 41.833.000,-
2017 – 59.518.000,-
2018 – 103.729.000,-
2019 – 134.848.000,- (Est)
2020 – 175.302.000,- (Est)
2021 – 210.362.000,- (Est)

With an average personell age of 35, Graf Entreprenør is a young company with young employees. You meet dedicated and enthusiastic people at Graf Entreprenør. Our Project Managers take ownership in their projects, and know that efficiency through good solutions demands good planning and dialogue. Local ownership ensures short, efficient ways to decision.

We recognise that efficient implementation of a project demands great planning. Thus, our focus is concentrated on good progress and production planning. This enables us to deliver at the agreed time and within the agreed cost frames. Good planning and a structured process provides peace of mind for our customers.

Our opinion is that an open dialogue, involving the builder in the process, lay the premises for a well implemented project. It provides safety in delivering as agreed upon, within the clients expectations and demands. We go the extra mile for our customers, and we do all we can to secure a good process.

Safety at our construction sites is a crucial part of our daily business, and our target is that everyone working and visiting our sites shall leave safely home. This is the reason why we are actively working with HMS every single day. Our constrution sites shall be safe and secure at all times, both for the environment and the workers.


Re Videregående Skole

Project for Vestfold County Council, at Re High School. This is a new area for the pupils at the school’s Construction course.
Nabolaget («The neighborhood»)
Porsgrunn, Telemark

The Neighbourhood consists of 14 apartments at Hovet in Porsgrunn. The buildings were completed in november 2016, and the way of living in the The Neighbourhood was described as a subsequently mentioned success.

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