New commercial building in record time
Stathelle, Telemark

« For us, it was important that the building we needed came quickly into place at the right price, and Graf has delivered that »

Norsk Modul AS was founded in april 2017. In January 2018, they had grown out of their offices.

«Rapid growth in the number of assignments meant that we needed more office space and a new and larger production hall», explains Managing DIrector with Norsk Modul, Nicolai Idar Amundsen. «We found the site we wanted to build on and put Graf Entreprenør on the case.»

Graf Entreprenør was contacted in January and within 14 days they delivered drawings of new steel building and a cost estimate for the construction process.

«We draw and find solutions together with the developer, so that they get the business building they need. For the Norsk Modul, there was 300 square meters of office space and a 1200 square meters production hall. In addition, it is planned for a doubling of office space for future growth», says William Skreosen, Managing DIrector of Graf Entreprenør AS.

After Graf Entreprenør had made sure that the building was approved by both the municipality and the labor inspectorate, the construction process started. In July, the foundation was cast, and as early as December, Norsk Modul moved into its brand new commercial building.

«We are extremely satisfied with our new premises, and have experienced Graf as a good partner both during the planning and execution of the construction process. For us, it was important that the building we needed came quickly into place at the right price, and Graf has delivered that», says Amundsen.

oth time and finances are important for most builders, and it can be challenging for the contractor.

«We believe that quality should not be at the expense of quality», says Skreosen. «Despite a hectic progress, we ensure that the right processes are taken care of, and that the developer is kept informed along the way. In this way, they are assured that things are going right and that the building will be as they wish.»

Graf Entreprenør is focused on being a good sparring partner in the planning process. While the process is to be effective, there are many important views and needs that need to be addressed. Graf wants to hit the tenant’s needs both today and in the future.

“We always do the planning process with those who will use the building. In addition, we draw on dynamic solutions that can be adapted to future changes in operations or new tenants, ”concludes Skreosen.


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